With dual qualification as a lawyer – in Nigeria and California United States, John is an international communications and technology lawyer with experience in the US, the UK and Nigeria, offering integrated skills in technology, telecoms, information governance and cyber crimes. He is currently a director of electronic governance and cyber-crime with Ducain Forbes in London. 


John has a Masters Degree in Information Security (with a specialization in electronic law and cyber-crimes), from Westminister University, London, postgraduate certificates in technology and e-commerce law from Harvard University Law School.


He has played key roles in designing and implementing data protection, data privacy, telecoms, e-commerce, cyber-security, e-discovery and forensics regulatory frameworks, policies and procedural guidelines in the UK and in the US. He has facilitated the formation of numerous e-commerce companies across the Atlantic, drafted bespoke ICT procurement and managed services contracts for multi-national companies, and guided businesses and NGOs on Internet governance, domain exploitation and internet disputes. 


He has managed consultants and handled data governance and regulatory compliance for conglomerates like Verizon Wireless, Qualcomm, CPW, T-Mobil, Ford Motors, especially with regard to digital/e-signature, e-evidence, data protection, data exports, as well as the tort, criminal, contract, and employment aspects of Internet/Web misuse.


He has published extensively on matters relating to information technology law.