IOL ASSOCIATES is a Nigerian law firm providing a comprehensive range of specialist legal services for Nigeria’s rapidly changing business environment. Our client base is varied and diversified, cutting across, private individuals, non-profit organizations, partnerships as well as foreign and local business corporations and companies. We have relationships with a number of medium and large sized manufacturing, building and construction, trading and service companies nationwide in addition to some financial institutions.


Our goal is to consistently proffer solutions to clients’ problems by constantly providing fast, competent, efficient and effective legal representation and counselling to our clients in an atmosphere of absolute trust and confidence. Realising the rapidly changing business environment as well as the increasingly international character of most business operations, our intention is to keep on developing our range of skills to meet new demands and thus adapt in the light of these changes. We take pride in our passion and reputation for excellence, responsiveness and uncompromised professionalism. We are constantly striving for unparalleled excellence in the delivery of legal services to our clients.


We are a firm of practitioners who are licensed in multiple jurisdictions and who possess experience in representing corporations and individuals in matters involving transnational legal issues. We strive to keep our clients informed of pertinent developments in the law. To this end, we distribute bulletins if warranted by urgent developments, and briefing sessions are regularly held for our clients whose businesses are affected by particular changes in the law.


The strength of the firm derives from the ability of our lawyers to respond to clients' needs with a keen business sense and a practical approach to the law. Our activities are enhanced by our modern suite of offices, and a detailed library, facilitating and enhancing the performance of needed research in the most efficient manner.